King Kits ASUS PG248Q GeForce GTX G-Sync Gaming Bundle

King Kits ASUS PG248Q GeForce GTX G-Sync Gaming Bundle
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Марка: Asus
Код на продукта: King Kits ASUS PG248Q GeForce GTX G-Sync Gaming Bundle
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Produktinformationen - King Kits PG248Q GeForce GTX G-Sync Gaming Bundle

From the beginning, monitors and monitors had a fixed refresh rate, typically 50 cycles per second in Europe (= 50 hertz). Due to the dynamic nature of PC games, GPUs do not render frames with fixed but variable frame rates. Thus, while the graphics processor attempts to synchronize with the monitor, it repeatedly creates the so-called "tearing" phenomenon. 

Tearing is when two pictures are shown in a single refresh cycle, and at the separation an unobtrusive line appears, tearing the whole thing apart. The previous solution was to turn on Vertical Sync, which, however, had a disadvantage. Turning on Vertical Sync can eliminate tearing, but causes increased latency and increased bucking. The so-called input lag arises. 

NVIDIA's new G-SYNC technology eliminates these trade-offs and synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor with the rendering rate of the graphics processor. This will display the images at the exact moment they are rendered and display gaming scenes without waiting time. Objects appear sharper and the game runs smoother. 

In this King Kit, the Caseking team has pre-selected excellent combinations for the G-SYNC technology. You even have the choice of which ASUS graphics card to combine with this monitor. All available GPUs are undoubtedly the absolute top class in their segment and will bring impressive results to the screen. But apart from the first-class product choice, the complete bundle is also available at a discounted price, which of course is unbeatable compared to the unit price of the two components. 

The price advantage set offered here includes: 

Graphics card ( 
optional ): ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX A8G, 8192 MB GDDR5X (standard selection) 

ASUS PG248Q ROG Swift, 61 cm (24 inches), 180 Hz, G-SYNC DP, HDMI

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